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How To Create a Test :

Select a Topic/Subtopic

Doing a search on TestBag is easy. All Topics/Subtopics are displayed in a ‘Tree Structure’ in a hierarchical mode.

( Place a small correct image in tree structure)

Select Topic / subtopic you propose to create test on by clicking the topic/subtopic

The selected topic will be displayed on top of ‘Create Test’ form. The questions relevant to selected topic will be randomly selected based on your criteria to create a test for you.

Important Point

You can create test either by selecting a topic / subtopic or by inputting a correct/relevant keyword. Both the options cannot be used simultaneously.

•As questions are arranged in hierarchical manner, the number of questions associated with top of hierarchy will always be more than ‘branches’ . For example ‘Biology’ will have more questions associated with it than ‘Cell Biology’ (which is subtopic to ‘Biology’) and ‘Cell Biology’ will have more questions than ‘Biomolecules’ (which is a subtopic to ‘Cell Biology’) and associated keyword ‘Lipids’ will have lesser questions than ‘Biomolecules’


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