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Goals And Challenges

Learn the rules as you really must win the studying game because the stakes are so high. They will affect the rest of your life, good or bad

  • Knowing your goals fuel achievement
  • The goal is where we want to be. The objectives are the steps needed to get there
  • Know the extent of course to be covered
  • Understand timelines in which this has to be done
  • Break your course in short objectives
  • Each objective should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART)

Identify your challenges. Some common challenges are
Challenge 1 : Lack of complete preparation
Challenge 2 : Lack of self-discipline
Challenge 3 : How to prepare
Challenge 4 : Time management
Challenge 5 : Impact of negative marks
Challenge 6 : Exam in computer based exam environment
Challenge 7 : Lack of self confidence

Preparing for AIEEE
Planning starts in class XIth itself
Total Time Window is 21 months - Studies start in July and end by March next year(Don’t be under impression that its lot of time)
Time window for studies : 19 months – Max by January next year
Time window for revision and exam practice 1 months ( By January end your concentration would be more on Board Exams) - Only month of April
Understand Exam Process and how to work within testing window
Devise a plan and stick to it
Discipline Concentrate in class – Self assess the topic taught, identify gap, bridge the gap same day as there will another topic waiting to be mastered next day
Benchmark all assessments at least on average on last years maximum marks and cut off marks
Every week self assess on all topics taught in week in one go
Every month repeat the process
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